Recover access to WordPress 2 step verification

WordPress 2 step verification (wp2sv) 1.5 has been released with new recovery option for admin, used in case you lose all methods to access to your site

Here are steps:

  1. Login with admin account
  2. At Enter code screen click on “Try another way to sign in” at page bottom
  3. Choose last option “Manual recovery”
  4. Follow instruction on page to get access to your account

9 Responses

  1. thankyou viết:


    line 525 in wp2sv.js throw, please add e into function(e), now it is missing

  2. thankyou viết:

    Thanks for the quick fix.

    I have not be able to get the Trust this Computer option to work.

    I checked the trust-this computer, but after I logout from the upper right corner dropdown, I have to use the authenticator again.

    And when I just closed the browser, I am not required to login by wordpress therefore no need for authenicator.

    • As viết:

      On trusted computer, if you do logout it will clear wp2sv session from that computer too :-) This process help to prevent user accident trusted a public computer.

      You will not need to logout, if it’s trusted computer :-)

      If you just need to switch to another user, you can use another browser for now. Or do not check on “Remember me” at login screen then close browser and open again you will required to login but don’t need verify again.

      1. Remember me + trusted computer => not ask anything
      2. Only Remember Me => will be asked for verification code
      3. Only Trusted Computer => will be asked for user/pass again
      4. Logout => always ask for both login and verification code

  3. Khang viết:

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  4. clement viết:

    hello there, thanks for the plugin. i updated the new plugin and tried the recovery via email. The pin sent to the email does not allow me to log in. You may like to take a look. Thanks.


  5. From Japan viết:

    Hi, I’m from Japan.

    Thank you for your good plugin.

    1 question.

    Does this plugin continue to work without problems if you stop updating it?

    I’m concerned about not being able to log in if I can not use it in the future at my site. However, I don’t think this system is going through your server etc, maybe, I think no problem. Don’t you?

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