How to disable wordpress 2 step verification manually

I saw several question on support page that you are locked out from your site because lost all the keys. So I make this post.

There are only 2 ways to recover access without disable/remove plugin, of course remove plugin will unlock you from your site, but if you install plugin again, you still will be locked.

  1. If you have access to another admin account

    You can use other admin account to edit the locked admin via users->edit and Disable 2 step verification

    Turn off 2-step verification
  2. Don’t have access to any other admins

    You will need access to database. Use phpMyAdmin and browse to your database

    Browse database

    Then select *_usermeta table and click on Search on right side with meta_key=wp2sv_enabled

    Search for wp2sv_enabled

    Then it will list all user who use wp2sv, clear value or delete entry on user you want to disable wordpress 2-step verification

    List of users have wp2sv enabled

    Done! You can login to your account now!


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